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iphone x case uk

Regardless, the firmware update and a Microsoft Health app update that adds weight and BMI tracking (provided you manually enter your weight) are available now. A new firmware update adds a power-saving mode, albeit with a catch. The Microsoft Band 2 does a lot of things, but battery life hasn't been its strong suit. A new software update that hit today might help for those who use the Band 2 with GPS on for outdoor workouts. According to Microsoft's blog, a new GPS Power Saver mode will extend battery life while GPS tracking is on, for up to 4 hours. But it does this by pinging GPS less frequently, a trick used by other fitness trackers. The problem could end up being less accurate location tracking, although we haven't yet used it.

I'm not speaking pejoratively here, Samsung makes good tablets, The Note 10.1 just isn't up there with the Asus Transformer Infinitys, Nexus 7s, and iPads of the world, The iPad in particular still kills with its high-res screen, huge app support, and Apple's still-unmatched ecosystem, If you're looking to buy a new tablet, you'll want to look there first, If you're iphone x case uk still looking, the Transformer Infinity should be next on your list, Then the Nexus 7 (or the Nexus 7 first, if you have a limited budget), and then the Note 10.1..

Perhaps the most anticipated iOS controller is in the works at Logitech. The company made headlines in June when leaked images of early handset prototypes hit the Web and the hardware manufacturer confirmed its plans. Early concepts show a diverging design from PowerA wherein the iPhone is fitted inside a controller, turning the device into something akin to a PlayStation Vita. "We'll support Apple's new MFi game controller framework, and plan to deliver a compelling gaming experience to iOS gamers this fall," said a Logitech representative, though the company declined to elaborate further, as has been the case with many hardware manufacturers since WWDC.

Since Eyefluence's eye-tracking also keeps track of where you're looking -- and how much your pupils are dilated, which can indicate emotion or engagement -- heat maps for advertising, fashion or really anything could be assembled, Imagine glasses that know what you're looking at, and maybe that can even guess what iphone x case uk you're feeling, One ready-to-go feature for eye-tracking that's a lot more practical is called "foveated rendering." It's an ability for VR graphics to focus their higher-resolution rendering to just a small area where you're actually directly looking, and dialing down the resolution around the periphery to save processing power, Our eyes already perform a little bit like this, Our peripheral vision isn't as crisp as what we see in the center of our retinas, I try a demonstration, looking around a virtual castle that's rendered around me, The focus circle of where I'm staring becomes extra crisp, while everything around that goes blurry..like looking through fog, Sliders are adjusted until the effect evens out, and then I can't even tell the rendering trick is happening, I'm assured that it is, The bottom line is that tricks like this could potentially let people run advanced VR graphics on far less powerful PCs down the road..

My wife and I just had our first child a few weeks ago, and my parents live on the East coast. I didn't bring my laptop with me to the hospital, but I brought my Nexus 7. I took it into the recovery room with me, and we were able to introduce my family in Boston, Seattle and New York to my daughter. So I was glad we decided to do the front-facing camera. A Google exec who helped lead the team developing the Nexus 7 tablet sat down with CNET to chat about the Nexus brand and what it means to Google and its partners.

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