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ballet shoes bag

Mok, who teaches at San Jose State University, has played and recorded around the world with orchestras such as the London Symphony and the Hong Kong Philharmonic. She will perform as part of a piano trio, with cellist David Goldblatt of the San Francisco Symphony and violinist Diane Nicholeris, on the faculty at SJSU. Mok will also play as part of a horn trio with French hornist Kevin Rivard of the San Francisco Opera Orchestra and Craig Reiss of the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra. The program features Brahms’ Piano Trio in B Major, Op. 8, his Horn Trio in E-flat Major, Op. 40 and Six Piano Pieces, Op. 118.

There will also be performances galore, from classical and Bollywood dance to fashion shows, And, of course, Zoraver will be there, beating away on his dhol throughout the event, He’s already got a fan ballet shoes bag in Young, who considers the San Jose boy’s performance one of her favorite moments from the festival, “When you hear the rhythm you go, ‘Oh I’ve heard that rhythm before,’ ” she said, “It’s a bhangra rhythm, To me, the drum is one of those unifying cultural experiences; it gets shared with everybody; it doesn’t matter where you are in the museum.”..

The trend in part is being driven by a desire to emulate the lavish weddings of celebrities of all ages. But it’s also one of the results of a new “everything goes” approach that does away with long-held traditions and cookie-cutter ceremonies in favor of doing things like replacing the first husband-and-wife dance with a group reenactment of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video. That’s left older couples feeling less self-conscious about shelling out serious cash to party like their younger peers.

PHS/SPCA Executive Director Ken White welcomed about 80 guests to the event and narrated the fashion show, “The resale shop last held a fashion show in September 1984 at the Hillsborough home ballet shoes bag of Melba Riley,” White noted, The models — Susan Cress, Marion Emmett, Vickie Ferguson, Carole Matteri, Greer McGhee, Janet McGhee, Kirsten Santos, Mona Vimal, Erica Wang, and Debra Wengarten — wore fashions from Pick of the Litter, which were available for purchase after the show, Shelter dogs that were up for adoption also walked the runway with Halloween-costumed Mobile Adoption volunteers: Lisa Dornell, Margaret Handlery, Veronica Hoglund, Susan Hoo, Lana Hopper, Lauren Rosen, and Rachael Venezia..

Donen was fortunate enough to work with two of the most accomplished dancers in Hollywood in Kelly and Astaire, and they conjured up breath-taking sequences. Working as a choreographer on “Anchors Aweigh” (1945), directed by George Sidney, Donen created a sequence in which Kelly dances with cartoon mouse Jerry of “Tom and Jerry” fame in a smooth blend of live action and animation. A year earlier, also working as a choreographer, he created a sequence in the film “Cover Girl,” directed by Charles Vidor, in which Kelly dances with a ghostly image of himself.

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